4kW System

4kW System

10 x 400w Solar panels

1 x 3.6W Hybrid Inverter


  • Predicted 3936 kWh annual output which could save up to £750 on your electricity bills.
  • Wi-fi connectivity for viewing output data.
  • System is designed ready for future battery storage if you are looking to save more money. 
  • Return on investment after 8 Years.
  • Solar panels have a 25 year linear power output warranty.

* The price and kWh predictions above have been based on a bungalow roof facing due south with an inclination of 35 degrees located in Essex area. 

* The predictions above have been calculated using MSC Guidelines and assume a home all the time occupancy.

*The predictions above assume the home owner is registered with the Smart Export Guarantee (SEG) scheme @ 15p per kWh (Octopus fixed tariff).


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