Offsetting the ULEZ charge

Offsetting the ULEZ charge

The extended Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) is a new initiative that will come into effect in August 2023 across London. This policy works to significantly reduce air pollution by introducing an extra charge on the most polluting vehicles entering London and surrounding areas.

With this extra charge comes great incentive to move towards electric vehicles, which have no emissions. This is a great opportunity to help not just your wallet but also the environment. Electric cars and vans will be exempt from the charge, so making the switch now will not only reduce your outgoings in London when ULEZ comes into effect, but it'll also help you do your part for the planet.

BPM Essex has recognised this opportunity and is now installing car chargers in London to aid this transition. By offering charging points in convenient locations, they are empowering people with the choice of a greener future.

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